Thursday, August 08, 2002
Over at Barnes�&� eBooks they're offering a discount on the Coraline e-book.

I downloaded it last night (along with the Adobe book reader) and thought it was very well done -- the extra material is the stuff that was in the Diamond edition (alhough not the colour picture). I'm still not an e-book reader -- a lot of the time I like books because they aren't on a screen, although I can certainly see a future in which... well, when I went away to start writing American Gods, I took a trunk-load of reference books with me, along with several cardboard boxes of CDs.The day that I could stick all of that stuff onto an Ipod-like thing would certainly make me happy and give me less to carry. (But then, there's stuff one would be giving up... so much of which, in reference books paricularly, is the magic of happy accidents.)