Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Over at Locus Online: Neil Gaiman & Gene Wolfe interview excerpts you'll find bits of the conversation with Gene Wolfe I had at World Horror Con, with Charles Brown, the Man from Locus and Jenny Hall who is now the lady from Locus (and wasn't Gary Wolfe in the room as well? Who knows...). If you can, you should get hold of the latest Locus -- it's the 500th issue and this is what the cover looks like..

When I was younger, Locus was semi-legendary: I'd read about it, but it wasn't until I became a regular visitor to the London Forbidden Planet (then in Denmark Street) that I actually found a real, true copy.

I still haven't subscribed. I know I ought to, but magazines I subscribe to stack up, and get put in piles of magazines-that-are-subscribed-to and sometimes feel vaguely like a duty to read. So I buy my Locus from DreamHaven, or wherever I happen to be that sells it as I career around the world, and sneak time to read it.


Many, many, many unread messages on the FAQ page. One that amused me simply sent me this link to International Neil Gaiman Meet Up Day. And here's a link to a sad true story.