Wednesday, August 28, 2002
Here's the Coraline page from Minnesota Public Radio. Over on the left of the page is the interview by Euan Kerr, and the mini-reading I did for him.

Home. A bit sick from too much travel and too little sleep -- bit of a chest infection and a horrid cough. I think I mostly need a little rest and recovery time. Which I won't really get, not for a bit.

The big excitement here is that Maddy turns 8 today. Any moment now the house will be filled with small girls having too much fun.

Reading a really delightful book called The Poison Principle, by Gail Bell, an Australian journalist and pharmacist. To quote from the jacket, "... She explores what the crime of poisoning reveals about humanity, through the perspectives of myth, history, fiction, and the great poison trials. As a chemist by profession and the granddaughter of a suspected poisoner by circumstance, she is perfectly placed." Reminds me of F.C. Gonzalez Crussi, only with a more personal edge than much of his stuff. (According to it'll be published in the US in October under the title Poison.)