Thursday, August 15, 2002
Interviews today, mostly. And Dim sum. And being given the SFX "Novel of the Year" award for AMERICAN GODS. But mostly interviews. And Lucy Chapman, the Bloomsbury publicity person, and I have resolved to try and go and see the Jerry Springer Opera at the Edinburgh Festival.

Saw the FOYLES Window display of Coraline -- button-eyed doll-things that are straight out of your nightmares.

Signings start tomorrow (Friday) -- Sheffield and Manchester. Fuller reports tomorrow night...

Hi Neil, Here is another of those info-rather-than-questions things in case it is of any use to anybody. Just got off the phone with Forbidden Planet and they confirmed the signing guidelines for next Thursday.

1. No *strict* limit on how many things are signed, they say they will see how many people turn up, but their recomendation is no more than 3 items per person.

2. One of those items will need to be a copy of Coraline purchased from them on the day. If you are bringing another copy of Coraline for a friend, or a copy of the US version that you got from or whatever, then please try and bring the receipt if you have one. It's not essential but it obviously may help preventing any awkward 'did you pay for that?' situations upon exit. This goes for both UK and US versions that you may have got from elsewhere, as they have both in stock.

Hope that may be of help to some people.


Very useful, yes.