Wednesday, August 14, 2002
In UK. Very tired. (Major plane problems.) Tomorrow's all interviews, I think.

let's see -- couple of FAQ things and then I close my eyes.

Hello Neil! This is probably a weird request, but here it goes: We met at the Champaign signing last summer, and you signed "American Gods" for me. It was an anniversary gift for my boyfriend, and we planned on reading the entire book aloud to each other. I told you this, and you made me promise "to do all the voices." Well, my boyfriend and I broke up a month or so later, having never read the book. (I don't think that our break-up was linked to not reading the book, but you never know.) I got custody of the book, though he kept my hand-made ocarina. I keep trying to read "American Gods," but I can't get past the first chapter or two without feeling guilty. So, I was hoping you could say something to the effect of "I, Neil Gaiman, release you, Jenna, from your promise." And then I'll be able to read the book.

Oh, okay. You're absolved, utterly and completely.

How come Neil Gaiman books in development as movies never actually get made?

Sunspot activity.

Dear Neil;
Your new book, American Gods (in portuguese Deuses Americanos) has been receiving very good reviews. The weekly magazines elect it the book of the week, the monthly ones, the book of the month. I have lended it to five different people, until now... and many many others have been buying or landing it from other people or from the college library for instance. You are plenty of fans here, however maybe we don't buy so many books as the american readers because the brazilian publishing houses charge very expensive prices. Any way I'd like to appeal you to ask Via Letera, Conrad, etc (the ones that publishe your books in Brazil) for a better price, if they low the price they will sell more books. And I�d like to ask you to come here again to sign Deuses Americanos, last time you came here many people wasn�t informed about your presence in Brazil (including me) and anyway Fnac had a little crowd that day. Is there any perspective of a new visit?
Best wishes
Yardena Sheery
PS: Do you know how is David Beckham called in Brazil after our team defeated the english team? David Backhome! (That's the worst joke anybody can tell to his favorite writer)

I very much want to come out and sign Deuses Americanos and I know Conrad want me to. It's really just a matter of figuring out when. And I'll mention it here...