Tuesday, July 23, 2002
The people at - picked 14 Favorites this year -- the 14 books they liked best. "This season's selections feature biography, literature, cat monologues, mystery, history, self-help, and one very spooky kids' book by Neil Gaiman."

Meanwhile over at the Dreaming Lucy Anne has unearthed all manner of stuff, including the full text of the Toronto Globe and Mail interview I mentioned a few posts ago.

A month after the notebook computer fell off the edge of the bed, mortifying the hard disk (that's how I mostly lose computers: gravity) it's now completely up and running and not a file missing thanks to connected tlm software over at (It would have been a lot less than a month if I'd not been travelling so much in the meantime.) Anyway, everything's back to normal, nothing's lost and all's well.

And it's now easier for me to get to the FAQ requests (which it wasn't for a while) ... so, some UK event questions and info:

Hi Neil,
Looking forward to seeing you at the London signings - already booked my ticket to the Foyles venue! F.Y.I: i enquired about the format and it's pretty much like Matt said ( journal entry Sat 20th July). But i thought i'd add that i was told that you "would be in conversation with Lizo Mzimba (he's a journalist and presenter of BBC's Newsround)."

Let's hope the weather keeps - it's been pretty hot(English standards i hasten to add!) for the past week.
Best Regards,
Yasmin Shafi

Thanks for the info Yasmin...

Hey Mr Gaiman bring me a dream... dum dum dum dum!
I have tickets for your signing/ reading(?) at Waterstones in Manchester on the 16th which I am REALLy looking forward to especially as Coraline isnt out yet... but I was wondering do you have a copy of the Walking Tour of the Shambles you could bring for me- in return I will offer you my copy of "Vurt" by Jeff Noon- a fine novel that I think you should read if you haven't already (and my all time favourite book by an author other than yourself of course!) or, in Marquis D'Carabas style I will owe you a "favour" what do you say? I know I am cheeky but sometimes you have to be... I could even throw in beverages? Just ask for E.K.- I will be there.. Thank you for your time...

Not a chance. Even if I wanted to, I'd forget to pack it or something. But someone in the UK must be selling the Shambles books... Andy Richards at Cold Tonnage for example. I'd be surprised if the various Forbidden Planets didn't get some in, and for that matter the Waterstones in Manchester Deansgate used to have a fairly legendary SF department -- you might want to ask them if they can get hold of a copy for you.