Thursday, July 25, 2002
Pardon, please, if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if you had or have any plans to make/sell "Nicholas Was" Christmas cards? The last three words would have to be on the inside, of course, with the rest of the story on the front. :) Can't speak for many, unfortunately, but I would certainly buy at least 100 for this coming Christmas. Perhaps as a fundraiser for CBLDF? Please say you will! This story made me smile more than any short-short I've yet read, and it made me smile at Christmastime, which is saying something. :)

I dunno. 5,000 FAQ messages and no-one asks for Nicholas Was... Xmas cards. And then Michael Zulli paints a Nicholas Was... Xmas card, which Dark Horse will be bringing out this December, and suddenly someone asks. Weird. So yes. We're doing them. Or Dark Horse are, anyway.


Just two quick (i hope) questions:

1) Roughly, is there a limit on what or how much i can bring to a signing/reading of yours (specifically the Dublin one)? I do of course mean books and the like, to be signed, not a pet cat or anything :)

2)Is there any questions you can think of you'd like to be asked? Because i hope to be at the signing/reading, and can't think of anything to say. Which would be a shame (for me) cuz id probably regret it later. Otherwise ill just mumble something that comes out like a "yeah i really flandunfubblemeagggh".

3)If i want a copy of coraline WITH the dave McKean pictures will i still have to look outside the UK and Ireland?

Robin Maginn

1) As a general rule, ask the bookshop. Depends really on how many people are there and what they want. Mostly it's a few treasured things and as many copies of Coraline as you want. But if there are too many people in the line, then whatever we need to do to get everyone signed for.

2) "yeah i really flandunfubblemeagggh" is fine, honest. Say hullo. Don't worry about figuring out the perfect thing to say.

3) At present, officially, yes. (I'm thinking of suggesting to Bloomsbury that they might want to do an edition with the Dave McKean illustrations, because so many people have been asking for it.)

I hear that the Dawn French reading of Coraline is wonderful, by the way. (I'm hoping that my copy arrives soon.)

What I did today: early morning interview with UK newspaper, got good news about Coraline and bestseller lists, then wrote a lot in a manic effort to start catching up. Also got a box from Harper of all the things that people gave me at the signing in New York. is a Murder Mysteries review.

And the purple multi-armed bunny here is the one I was talking about a few weeks ago....