Tuesday, July 16, 2002
I'll post this in the Where's Neil? section as well, but for those readers wondering about the Irish Signing....

Bloomsbury and Eason, Hanna's Bookshop present a reading & signing by Neil
Gaiman from his new novel 'Coraline' on Monday 19th August at 7 pm. All

Eason, Hanna's bookshop, 1 Dawson St, Dublin 2 tel: 01 677 1255

And Coraline got a USA Today Review of the kind that authors sometimes dream of -- but normally when I dream of reviews like this they begin with me sneaking into the newspaper building late at night and replacing the real review with this one, which I wrote myself. And then people chase me through a waterpark trying to get me to appear on the radio show "Just a Minute" in a non-speaking role. And after that the things come down from the sky...

It's at And it's, um, positive.