Tuesday, July 02, 2002
Hurrah! It's publication day! Which means everyone in the whole world except places that aren't America can now buy Coraline at their local bookshop unless it doesn't stock it.

(Got a frustrated message from a Canadian this morning wanting to knowwhy it wasn't on sale in Canada. Not sure -- I checked and and they both show it as being for sale.)

Strange dreams last night -- in the oddest one I was trying to convince some people that the bloodstains on their white carpet were left by pelicans "in their piety" (a classical motif where pelicans feed their children with blood from their breasts) while they, being naturalists, were convinced that pelicans were fish eaters and not breast-bleeders, and that I was trying to cover up for a particularly nasty murder...

right. The day is starting. Wish me luck for tonight.