Friday, July 05, 2002
Home now, and tired.

Here's a very nice review of Coraline at Strange Horizons , although it tells more plot than some of you may want to know.

Lots of Canadians have e-mailed me to point out that copies of Coraline are in their local comic-book shops.

I had dozens of interesting anecdotes to tell, but they've all gone flat and sleepy, even the ones about Holly phoning me yesterday on the hour to let me know where I was on's charts "You're up to 15, Dad. Oops. Now it says 820. Now it says 15 again," or the lady at the check in counter at the airport this morning, who got all excited when she realised I was me and printed out a duplicate of my boarding pass for me to sign for her friend, who had the same name as her.