Wednesday, May 08, 2002
I promised myself I wouldn't steal any of Lucy Anne's links from the Dreaming, but then I discovered that the paperback of American Gods has gone straight in at #3 over at The Independent Bestseller List. (It'll be out of date very soon, so this was the May 7 list.)

So this is by way of a hasty thank-you to all the independent book-sellers who are handselling American Gods to their customers. And to all the customers of independent bookstores who hand-bought them.

I'll keep reporting back on American Gods on the bestseller lists and so on. (This may be dull, but what you're reading started off, fourteen months ago, as an American Gods journal, with me handing in a book, and wanting to see whether or not it worked aesthetically and commercially. So if I list too many bestseller lists and awards nominations, that's why. Grit your teeth and bear with it.)