Wednesday, April 03, 2002
You know, if I wasn't completely tired, and if I didn't have to be up in a few hours to catch a plane, I'd put together a whole page consisting of people's comments on Vassar, good, bad and hilarious. But I'm exhausted and so I am going to go to sleep instead, and tomorrow I'll forward them all to Holly, who can make of them what she will.

I met Jerry Juhl this evening. Former head writer of the Muppets. One of my heroes. I acted really cool, even though this was the man who wrote dialogue for the Great Gonzo. I even learned why Chris Langham was a Guest on the Muppet Show (which will allow me to impress certain friends in the UK with my newfound knowledge the next time I see him). Every now and then in interviews, I get asked "Is there anyone who would turn you into a quivering fanboy?" and I lie and say not really. But I got to eat ice cream with Jerry Juhl... I mean, how cool is that?