Tuesday, April 02, 2002
Shot out to a secret location like a rocket, spent a day with Robert Zemeckis going through the first draft of a script I wrote, word by word, walking round tables, acting bits of a script out, wondering what would happen if scene A were moved to where scene B is now, all that good stuff. It's very interesting dealing directly with a director, rather than with a studio: his concerns are those of a film-maker, rather than a production executive. We seem to have a very similar attitude to the material -- at one point, I hesitantly suggested that the best way to do a thirty second sequence (in the middle of a live-action movie) would be to animate it, at which Bob showed me his copy of the script, with ANIMATE IT scrawled beside the scene.

Also ate some very nice sushi for lunch.

Very interesting. Now on my way somewhere else. Zoom zoom.