Thursday, April 18, 2002
Now, if you go and look at the Low Red Moon journal you will find Cait's account of the strangeness of Sunday Night.

Reading it, the whole adventure strikes me as rather unlikely. Especially the bit about me explaining the plot of "The Return of Captain Invincible" to them in the final quest to return to the hotel.

Still, if it had been Terry Pratchett instead of me, he could actually have sung the songs from "The Return of Captain Invincible" as well...

Mai Tai say that I'm Old-Fashioned
Tres vin ordinaire
That I want a fresh Manhattan
With white Anglo-Saxons everywhere
A Black Russian's
No Pink Lady
Give her the Singapore Sling
And Moscow Mule is not your baby
So Highball the Vodka and name your sting....
(as evil Christopher Lee (playing Mr Midnight) sings lyrics of course by Richard O'Brien.)

"Tiffany" is not, of course, a blonde drummer in an Abba cover band. She is a buxom red-headed oceanographer. Gwenda Bond, however, is a real person.

Okay. back to writing.