Thursday, April 18, 2002
Having grumbled over the tone and intro matter of the BBC's Scott McCloud piece (although not about the interview with Scott), I was pleased to read Locus Online: Reviews by Philip Shropshire which is a page of comics reviews in a mainstreamish sort of vehicle, which seemed to be about reviewing the comics in front of it, and reviewing them well.


I submitted to questioning about Coraline to the book club of which my wife is a member (they got to read American Gods early too). It was a bit like being on Oprah, only without the extra half a million sales. They seemed divided 50/50 on whether or not it was scary, but they all seemed to have enjoyed it. And, at their request, I read them a couple of pages of it. Am also talking to the Chicago Humanities Festival about reading it aloud over a couple of days in late October.

(Incidentally: The word on the street is the English Actress who I -- and Bloomsbury -- want to read Coraline for the Bloomsbury audio edition is currently reading it to her daughter and enjoying it, so I think I'm in with a chance.)