Sunday, April 21, 2002
By the way -- seeing that you lot, as has been demonstrated on a number of occasions, seem to possess the sum total of all human knowledge between you....

I suggested to Greg Ketter, in his capacity as one of the organisers of the 2002 World Fantasy Convention, that a traditional Punch and Judy show might be a cool thing to put on (particularly as Dave McKean is the artist Guest of Honour), and he agreed, pointing out that very few Americans have seen a real Punch and Judy show.

There's probably a web site listing every Punch and Judy professor in the world, and there will probably coincidentally be half a dozen of them in the Minneapolis area around Hallowe'en... but Greg has no idea where to start looking.

So if you are, or know, a Punch & Judy professor in the US who might be interested in performing at World Fantasy Con, you can stick something on the FAQ line, or, more usefully, e-mail Greg at