Friday, March 22, 2002
Someone asked me on the Well at Engaged: Conference: inkwell.vue, Topic 144 whether I knew anything about the rumours that the Good Omens film had "collapsed." My reply was...

Not that I know of. They've been having trouble putting together the
money (65 million plus) for some time, and the last time I saw Terry
Gilliam he mentioned that if it didn't happen soon, he'd go off and do
TIDELANDS, which will cost infinitely less, because if he didn't make a
film soon (given what happened to QUIXOTE) he'd go crazy. As far as I
know, if that happens, it means that Good Omens simply goes down to
next-on-the-list while the producers spend the intervening time trying
to nail down the financing.

The script is good, the cast seem committed, and the producers have
the foreign financing in place. What they need is a US studio to commit
some money (I think it's about $15 million) to the project, and no US
studio seems ready to take the plunge yet.

My attitude on all Hollywood things is not to expect any of them to
happen until I'm sitting at the premiere eating my popcorn. Worrying
about the ups and downs of getting a film made could drive anyone to