Thursday, March 14, 2002
Hmmm. So, Blogger (the free service that runs this journal) worked fine. Blogger Pro (a paid service that allows you to do a lot more) doesn't seem to work at all. Yesterday's post is sitting unsent, still (and it's somehow re-dated itself to today.) I do not feel like a shining advertisment for Blogger Pro.

I shall not grumble about Blogger Pro. Instead I shall grumble about the Weekly World News, and their recent article on flesh-eating sheep. Not only is the flesh-eating sheep depicted the single worst photoshop job I've ever seen, but they describe a herd of flesh-eating sheep as "bovine bullies". "Bovine" means having to do with members of the Cow family -- oxen, bulls, etc. Sheep would be "ovine bullies". When a shining example of the journalistic arts like the Weekly World News gets this sloppy, what hope is there for papers like the New York Times, or the Guardian?