Monday, March 11, 2002
Blink. Blink. I wonder what's happened here. We seem to have become some kind of pop-up window with no links to anything else (particularly not the archives). I know the site redesign is just about to happen, and I know they're talking about upgrading to Blogger pro, and I still have no idea why this has suddenly happened. How odd. You'd think they'd let me know, wouldn't you?

If you need to get to the home page of, click here. (It may be useful for those of you who came in on a link, or have this page bookmarked.) is a link to the journal archives, for any of you who want to go back more than a week to check something.

So I handed in the Bill Sienkiewicz "DELIRIUM" story for ENDLESS NIGHTS.

Karen-my-editor asked me if I'd noticed that Delirium only had two lines of dialogue in it, and I said I knew, and that she'd do most of the talking in the Destruction story to make up for it, and, as Delight, in the Morpheus story (which takes place very early in continuity. Oh no, much earlier than that). I hope very much Bill likes it. His story has one character in it who's an outsider artist, based loosely on both A. G. Rizzoli and on Henry Darger, each of whom I thought was incredibly obscure, until I discovered, on my last trip to New York, the Darger exhibit at the American Folk Art museum, and Darger as a sort of default topic of conversation amongst cabbies and newsvendors. ("So. Henry Darger. Was he a loon or what?") Rizzoli's still very obscure, though, so here's a Rizzoli piece