Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Neil Gaiman,
I was wondering if the DVD player you recently "region zeroed" is your only DVD player.
If so, are you aware that there are DVDs out there that will not play on "region zeroed" players? Certain DVDs are made to avoid that sort of . . . well, cheating.
Just giving you a heads up.
- Travis

Not to worry. It's the Sampo 611 DVD, for which the region setting is is a small file written to a CD-R. If a Region 1 DVD won't play on it, I can just reset the DVD player to Region 1 with a different CD-R and a different small file. But I appreciate the concern.

Also several people have asked about the World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis in October. The website is I'm not a guest there, just a paying member.

I will be a Guest of Honour at World Horror 2002 though Other guests of honour include cartoonist and author Gahan Wilson (Toastmaster) artist and author Jill Thompson (Comics Guest) and bon viveur and author Gene Wolfe.

It's in Chicago, and I have the sinking feeling, looking at their web site, that the guest page is just friends of mine: I've known the lovely and talented Jo Fletcher for about eighteen years now, the equally lovely and talented Beth Gwinn for about 14 years (although rather more intermittently than Jo), and I've known the amazingly talented but nowhere near as lovely as either Beth or Jo artist Guest of Honour Randy Broeker for um, no idea (but I flew down to Chicago for his wedding to a lovely and talented former Care Bear, over a decade ago, so it's quite a while now).