Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Dear Neil Gaiman,
I'm just another adoring fan-girl from Toronto who is wondering whatever happened to that tour for the paperback American Gods. I think it was in the blogger archives somewhere, and I believe it mentioned the month of May? Is American Gods coming out in paperback any time soon? Are you going to be touring for it? I'd really love to finally meet you... I was just beginning to get worried since you haven't mentioned a paperback American Gods tour in a while! Plus, I've been holding out on buying American Gods, so that when I do buy it, it'll be paperback AND I'll get it signed by you...
Thanks, Clara

There won't be an American Gods in Paperback tour in May. There will be some kind of Coraline tour and readings in July (but smaller than the last tour by which I mean NOT fifty signings in 30 days). A US tour is planned, a UK tour is planned, and I just got an e-mail from Felicia Quon in Canada enquiring about me coming and doing something fun there. I think that a Toronto signing/reading/event is almost a certainty, but of what kind and nature I don't yet know.

There are a whole bunch of interesting problems to solve, though. For example: I feel bad enough making adults stand in line for 5 hours to get a signature. I'd not be willing to do a signing at which kids would have to stand in line for hours (although Bloomsbury mentioned that they lay on clowns and jugglers and magicians at their signings). So it might, for example, be a matter of doing longer readings and Q & As, but much more limited signings. I don't know -- I haven't thought it through. I do know that whatever we decide and however we do things, many people will be disappointed.

I'm not sure what's happening with all the site redesign and reorganisation that was agreed in early December, and I'm not sure when the Coraline area of the site will go live, but a lot of that information should be there then.

Okay, not to beat a dead horse here, but I'm dying to know where you find out how to reset your DVD player, and what these small files are.
Hey, you started the thread, not me! -Laura

Well, the Sampo 611 information is at Sampozone -- I am told that the Apex DVD players are as good, as cheap and as easily reset to Region 0, but you'll have to investigate them on your own.

and finally

You are spelling Cincinnati wrong (I do live here I should know)...the correct way is Cincinnati not whatever hair brained way you and your readers have been spelling it...that's like spelling accept as except...Thanks.

Okay -- I'll work hard at spelling Cincinnati right, and you have to promise me in return you'll work hard at spelling hare-brained correctly. Deal?