Wednesday, November 21, 2001
There. Got home. Fell off the world and hid in my writing cabin -- even stayed the night, although I came home to eat and finish reading Pinkwater's THE HOUND OF THE BASKETBALLS to Maddy -- and finished the Moebius story completely and utterly by 6.00pm today; I think it's an okay story... with luck, the rest of the short stories will get themes in this one bouncing, and make the whole thing work better.

Endless action figures arrived in the post: they've made the Delirium one better than the photos they'd sent me, and made the Desire one (which I had thought a bit dodgy to begin with) rather worse: it has this strange sort of acromegalic jaw. (The whole point of Desire is that Desire is gorgeous. And not just to those who find lantern-jaws sexy. And why are Desire's eyes closed?) The Daniel is okay -- a reworking of Teddy Kristiansen's version of a Michael Zulli image, although the Hair is off -- it should be white, and is dark grey -- and the eyes are blind.

Oh well, they've now started talking to me and to each each other at DC, and the next round of the toys (Death, Destruction, Destiny) are really cool. And then we have to see if they dare make a naked Despair to complete the set...