Tuesday, November 06, 2001
Look! Go to the front page, to and go down a bit and you'll see a whole long what's new list. Stuff you can click on. Embarrassing tour photos (I need to caption them, I suppose. Or I should get Jennifer Hershey, who took many of them, to caption them. This is Neil signing in Chicago. This is Neil looking dazed in Cleveland.This is Neil writing a blogger entry on the Libretto in a sushi place in... where was it? Argh. I don't remember. That is why Jennifer needs to caption them.)

So all of that stuff is up on the front page. The whole megillah. For some reason, this makes me feel like this is, really and truly, a PROPER website. Evolving. Improving. Still here.

Today I worked on the fourth draft of the outline for the animated Ramayana -- which, because of all the reshaping and eliding and restructuring needed to make an 8000 page epic into an 80 minute cartoon has moved, a draft at a time, far enough away from the Ramayana proper that I need to come up with a new name for it in order in order not to mislead people -- and the Mobius "Death in Venice" story.