Monday, November 05, 2001
Finished my first comics work in an age today: a five page story for a Benefit book for New York that DC will be publishing, featuring Death and Destruction and a Ferris Wheel. It took me ages and several drafts to get to the point where I felt like I wasn't embarrassing myself (always a liability of attempting Deep Philosophical Questions in a five page comics story). E-mailed it off to Chris Bachalo, and suddenly realised how long it has really been since I sat down and wrote a comic, as when I was last doing it, I was still faxing scripts to editors and artists. E-mail was a new-fangled thing for most of them.

And you'd think I'd be blase about writing by now, but no, I was still holding my breath until I got an e-mail back from the editor saying he liked it. I don't think things like that ever change.

The Libretto L1 is having a Windows 2000 Blue Screen of Death on Bootup problem currently, giving an error message for which the Microsoft help page says, more or less,We're not sure what causes this one and have not been able to reproduce it here. (Personally, I don't think they can have been trying very hard.)

The tech support people are incredibly (and actually) helpful and taught me that a Windows 98 startup disk can be used to jumpstart a Windows 2000 computer in DOS mode. I've got about half of what I need off it so far...