Tuesday, September 11, 2001


And a web site user writes:

Hmm, so, you're disappointed with the Sandglobe. But have you seen the reprint of the Vertigo Tarot deck? The card stock is flimsy, it feels really fragile, I'm afraid to shuffle with it. Again, not the greatest quality product from Vertigo....
I'm considering seeing how practicle laminating the cards would be, as a not cheap, but effective way to keep the deck intact and still use it.
Thanks for listening,

Gareth Edwards

I've been chatting to Karen Berger, editor in chief of Vertigo, about the flimsiness of the cards, and she's investigating, as she had chosen a heavier card stock (which for reasons no-one understands doesn't seem to have been used). If the Tarot gets to a second printing -- which it may well, given the demand, -- then I am assured that the cards will certainly be on a heavier stock.