Monday, September 10, 2001


And again, from Will Shetterly, on Emma Bull's condition, as of Monday evening:

>Today's surgery seems to have gone well. The situation with her
>right arm was a little worse than expected; they had to do a bone
>graft and put in a larger plate than they had planned on. Emma'll
>have to do some physical therapy; I've got a recommendation from one
>of LA's best doctors (science fiction fans crop up in the darndest
>places) for an elbow specialist whose offices are fairly close to
>us. She'll also probably have a removable cast for her left hand,
>and she'll have to keep that arm immobile.
>We're assured that she'll be typing and playing the guitar soon--but
>soon is a relative term. The Fabulous Lorraine and I have already
>been talking back-up plans for the concert they planned to give at
>MadCon at the end of October; Emma should be able to sing, but
>there'll probably be a guest Flash Girl or two.
>I continue to hope to have her home toward the end of the week.
>Lorraine and Betsy and Neil and and many fine people in Minneapolis
>are giving her the very best of care, so things really are as well
>as they possibly could be under the circumstances.

And as for me, I'm writing away as best I can. (Currently rewriting one movie, making extensive notes for a second, and beginning the first of the stories for the ENDLESS book.)

It turns out that they did actually set the FAQ reply blogger thing up, a while ago. They just got my ID wrong when they did it...

So as soon as they sort that out I'll get some FAQ answers rolling. Most of the Questions coming in aren't FAQs and they are the most fun, so I suspect that that's what we'll transmute this journal into.

Forgot to mention that I'd seen the Sandman Sandglobe the other day. And, as I was told a long time ago by a cartoon rabbit, if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything.