Sunday, August 26, 2001

AMERICAN GODS BLOG, POST 166 is the latest Flash Girls review for PLAY EACH MORNING. I have no idea why you can't seem to get the CD through Amazon etc. yet, but Dreamhaven always have things like this for sale.

Today I started signing my way through a large box of cards, which Yoshitaka Amano has already signed. Most of them have a signature in English, but there are occasional cards which he's also written messages on in Japanese. Knowing Mr Amano they probably just say his name in kanji and do not spell out some rude message about signing things. But I can't help wondering.


And I am currently reading -- again, doling out a story a night before sleep -- McAuslan Entire. You can find the publisher's blurb on it here. It's by George MacDonald Fraser, and is a delightful, sensible, world-affirming, beautifully crafted bunch of stories. (And it's the sort of thing you need to read after working your way through another chunk of the two volume Collected Strange Stories of Robert Aickman.)

As a young man I preferred Fraser's Flashman stories to his McAuslan/Dand MacNeill stories; now I'm not so sure. (Possibly because I'm still out of sorts with a story in the last Flashman collection. Dammit, Flashman can't meet Sherlock Holmes. There was a compact with the reader about Flashman, and that breaks it -- it says, unequivocably, that Flashman is a fictional character, not a historical one, whereas up until that point the only fictional characters were from Tom Brown's Schooldays. In Royal Flash Flashman doesn't meet Rupert of Hentzau, he meets the inspiration for Rupert of Hentzau, and so on.)

Sorry, I'm wittering.


And for those who do not need their lives - or anyone else's -- affirmed in any way, here's a page on the two volume Robert Aickman book I mentioned above. I'm not honestly sure whether or not it's still in print or back in print, but if you like to be unsettled by the best then try and find it. Yes, it's very expensive. Still, it's worth every penny and will save you several thousands on buying the original books that the stories appeared in, if you can find them all.