Saturday, August 25, 2001


Not only has the Andrew Lloyd-Webber Amazon page vanished, but they've removed all the reviews from the system.

Poor old Amazon. I miss the days when you could write something in the "I am the author and I want to talk about my book" section. I was told that it had vanished following complaints from A Fantasy Author after someone impersonated him.

Now, I sent them a grumpy e-mail after an "I am the author" thing cropped up on the Good Omens site which said something along the lines of

I wrote this book with Terry Pratchett it was very funy we laughed a lot I hope it will be a film soon well thank you fans I will write another book one day Neil Gaimen

asking them to take it down, which they did. But I didn't demand they scrapped the whole thing because it was open to abuse, because it was too cool and sensible and useful a tool for that. Unfortunately one day someone with no sense of proportion did.

I'd love to put up an "I am the author" note for's entry for a book by me they list as coming out next year called Cordelia which explains that I've never heard of this book before, and are they sure they don't mean Coraline?


The suggestions for things to do with the site are being sent over to Harper Collins... thanks everyone for your patience and your ideas.