Wednesday, July 18, 2001


And yesterday went in a kind of a blur. I got on a plane and, eventually, I got home. There were plane delays, and on the way home we had to stop for a bit as there was a fawn with a broken leg to be helped, and a hysterical lady who had hit the fawn with her car to be calmed down, both of which we did, and then home and seeing kids and, finally, sleep.

And then wide awake at 4.30 a.m. -- it's now 6.30 ish and I'm still awake, with no prospect of going back to sleep. There are teetering stacks of things that have arrived in my absence to be dealt with, to be read, listened to, filed. There are things that were meant to have been written before the tour started a month ago that need to be written.

But today, I think I may just potter around. I think I'll have a bath, go for a bike ride, and pick things from the garden and cook them, and just take it easy. Or as easy as I can.