Monday, July 16, 2001


This is what I did today. I got up. I checked out of the hotel and went to the offices of Headline, where I met my editor and discussed which of about 7 books was probably going to be the next one I’d write. Then I signed a little over 300 books, some for retailers, some for the reps to be able to use to make people happy.

Left London on the Gatwick Express. Saw my family, or bits of it. Went back to London on the Gatwick Express. Did a strange but kind of fun thing with Tori, where we sat and were filmed talking in a hotel with galaxies in the lifts (er, elevators) and see-through glass bathrooms. Read the short stories for Strange Little Girls and then we talked about each story and each song and what it meant. I think they’ll edit it into something and put it out on the web in some form.

Then went to see They Might Be Giants with my friends Jonathan & Jane. Wonderful, marvelous, funny gig. Amazing musicianship, too. Hung out in the backstage bar with friends, and was introduced to the Johns of TMBG and told them how good they were. Then hopped the Gatwick Express for the last time today and off into the wilderness. Fly home early tomorrow.

I have to write on the plane, unless I fall asleep. Which I may do. You never know.