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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Even odderments

Over at Michael Swanwick has begun to blog about the trip to Chungdu...


I've mentioned before on this blog my love of the work of Irish illustrator Harry Clarke -- over at the Clarke FAUST illustrations are being posted. You may not like them as much as I do, but I shall put up the links so far for lovers everywhere of the elegant ink-line, of the macabre and of the beautifully disturbing...


Dear Mr. Gaiman,

Your recent comment that the Polaroid 20x24 camera would be useless within the coming year has caused some commotion over on (analog photography users group) where we enjoy fretting about the future of film. Did someone really tell you that the 20x24 polaroid film was going to run out this year?


Yes, although I no longer remember whether it was the photographer, Marina Alessi, or the journalist (whose name I've forgotten) who told me this. They've been doing this thing of shooting the authors for Italian Vanity Fair for four years now, and this is either the last or the penultimate year, because, she said, there would be no more film.

I found a photo taken by Holly of the photo-shoot that shows the camera...

And an early shout-out for the diaries of anyone in the UK:

On the evening of Tuesday October the 2nd, I'll be doing a literary event in London -- being interviewed by Peter Florence (from the Hay on Wye festival), and doing a reading and the only UK signing. I'll post location details and how you get to it as soon as I know for sure.

(October the 3rd will be the big, red carpetty Stardust premiere in Leicester Square. Having been the only person in a tuxedo at the US premiere, I now have a yearning to be the only person in a leather jacket at the UK one. But I may change my mind.)

Right. Back to writing. Then I zoom to Sweden...

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