Thursday, September 13, 2007

"What if it WAS the chicken?"

The nice people at MARV films invited me to a magazine launch dinner last night. (A free magazine for men called Shortlist.) The food was lovely, and I met Rob Brydon; I'm a huge fan of Rob's, from Human Remains to Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. More importantly for me, he was in MirrorMask, playing the father and the Prime Minister, but was not filming the days I was around, and so I wanted to say thank you. I wasn't really sure what to expect -- probably that I'd wander over and say "Hullo, I'm Neil Gaiman. Er I wrote MirrorMask, thank you for being in it," and he'd say "Not a problem, nice to meet you Mr um," and that would be that. But it didn't go like that at all -- he started talking about this blog, and then we had to explain MirrorMask to the other people, and then we talked about everything else. He's an astonishingly nice man who, he told me proudly, has a film of him reading The Wolves in the Walls to his kids. I kept telling him how much I love his work, and I do. I never found out why I should read Barry Gibb's blog, though.

In a couple of weeks the BBC World Service will be recording a dramatisation of ANANSI BOYS, starring Lenny Henry and Matt Lucas (as Fat Charlie's boss). I'll put more details up as I get them.

Right. They just posted that my plane for Stockholm is boarding...

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