Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Unboxing the most expensive book I have ever paid for...

I just filmed a little unboxing-and-enthusing video. It's for the 25th Anniversary editions of Little, Big or, The Fairies' Parliament, by John Crowley. Illustrated (or rather, with Art by) Peter Milton. 

Most of the edition was pre-sold long ago, but a few hundred remain. You can buy them at and they will go too fast. It was, I would hazard, worth waiting the extra 15 years for. 

My essay is on the dust-jacket of the Green edition. Lots more information about all of this to be found at

(And to clarify, it's the most expensive book I've ever paid for, because of the reasons explained in Ron Drummond's blog at, and not because you have to pay that price to get it. For you, it's $135 until there aren't any left and then watch rare book dealers make a killing on the copies they bought...)

And no, the actual copies HAVE NOT YET SHIPPED. This is an advance copy for me to inspect.


Also, I'm now on Mastodon. Follow me at -- and there's an invitation waiting for you at My first ever Mastodon post has a Good Omens photo from yesterday. Expect more mysterious backstage photos there -- and here -- for a while...

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