Tuesday, January 03, 2017

California! Arizona! Seattle! Bard! Spend an Evening With Me.

I took 2016 off from all public engagements, in order to get a novel written.

I did a lot of things last year. I finished writing the Norse Mythology book (it comes out in February). I finished writing the six hour long Good Omens television series (the BBC will be making it this year).  I did a lot of baby-raising.  I endured a hurricane and a bad haircut. And I got the new novel started...

But I didn't get it finished.

So this year, I'll be madly writing a novel AND doing the public appearances and such I didn't do last year.

There's a West Coast tour in March/April, that starts in San Diego and finishes in Seattle, and goes to Costa Mesa (which is secretly Los Angeles) and Santa Rosa (north of the Bay Area).

I'll be at Bard College on the 15th of April, talking about American Gods and the American Gods TV series (and if possible, we'll be screening an episode or two).

In July I'll be in Texas (Austin, Dallas and Houston) and in Hartford CT.

There's another talk in a Library that isn't on here, but basically, that's about it.  (I'm not listing the New York or London Norse Mythology events in February as they are both sold out -- although there are still a few tickets on sale for Town Hall members.)

The brown links will take you to relevant place on the Where's Neil page.

29 Mar 2017
San Diego, CA
30 Mar 2017
Costa Mesa, CA (LA)
31 Mar 2017
Santa Rosa, CA
01 Apr 2017
Mesa, AZ
02 Apr 2017
Seattle, WA
15 Apr 2017
BARD COLLEGE: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
06 Jul 2017
Austin, TX
07 Jul 2017
Dallas, TX
10 Jul 2017
Hartford, CT 

Some of the events have plenty of tickets left, some are almost sold out. You probably need to move fast if you want to get a ticket for Seattle. (Mostly the ones with lots of tickets left have only just gone onsale.) The "Evening With..." is me talking, and reading things published and things new, and answering questions.

Dallas is not yet available singly -- but you can get tickets if you wanted to see me and two other events. And they have Neil deGrasse Tyson and they have Fran Lebowitz and Garrison Keillor there for you to choose from, giving rise to one of my favourite Headlines of last year:

(Up there with the New York Times's iconic headline "Neil Armstrong and Someone Not Named Neil Walk on the Moon"*)

*I understand they might have changed it in later editions.


I'm getting better. Fever is very over. Bronchitis is a pain in the chest but it is on the mend. Ash got very sick after I did, but now he's through the fever bit and is perking up, which bodes well for everyone getting a bit more sleep: his nose is running like a tap, though, which means that sometimes without even trying he blows snot-bubbles half the size of his head.

We're in Melbourne.  Amanda's going to be doing a residency here, while she also tours Australia. I am writing my novel, using as my office the same tiny flat that Amanda began to work on The Art of Asking. (I've read it reported online that we've moved to Australia now, but we haven't. We're here for a couple of months. We just have a different kind of visa. But 'they have a different kind of visa' isn't really newsworthy.)

And it was our sixth wedding anniversary. This is a photo of Amanda and Ash I took a week ago, on Hermosa Beach, when we got stranded for 24 hours in LA by a late plane. I am a lucky man to have so much love in my life.

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