Friday, January 31, 2014


You may remember that lots of wonderful books by me and Terry Pratchett are being auctioned and are in the lottery for Worldbuilders (and, er,  not so wonderful -- here's the eBay auction for my 1985 Duran Duran biography).

You may not have known that I'd agreed that if Worldbuilders made their stretch goal of  half a million dollars, I would film myself reading Dr Seuss's GREEN EGGS AND HAM.

Well, I did so agree.

And this afternoon, they made their goal.

I got the call, and I recorded the video. (As you can see, I am very beardy, because I am not going out in public, and am just writing.) And I've put it up on YouTube.

It made me miss having small kids around to read to. I hope you enjoy it.


I should also mention that this beautiful full-colour David Mack print is now available from Neverwear (the previous, flat-colour version sold out a while ago).

Until now, Neverwear money has automatically gone to the CBLDF. This time, the money for this print is going to the Gaiman Foundation, which remains a major donor to the CBLDF.  (This year and last year it was the largest donor to the CBLDF, which I mention here to encourage other people and foundations to knock us into second or even third place.) 

(The Gaiman Foundation is a small family foundation which supports freedom of speech, literacy and education causes, and generally does good. I'm planning to sign and auction off a LOT of rare and unlikely stuff from my attic and basement for the Gaiman Foundation over the next couple of years.)

Kitty tells the story of this poem, and the tattoo that was made from it, at her website: She's selling them for $25 each until Feb 4th, the official launch date,  when they go up to $38.


The tickets to the Barbican TRUTH IS A CAVE IN THE BLACK MOUNTAINS events on July 4th and 5th are selling faster than anyone expected. If you don't have a ticket yet, and are planning to come, you might want to buy your ticket sooner than later:

(And yes, yesterday's hint was real. FourPlay and Eddie and I will be performing it in San Francisco and New York in the week before the UK event. Details to come as soon as I'm allowed to announce them.)


I'd like to get some parts of your poem "Instructions" tattooed in the near future and I wanted to know if you'd be okay with it? This poem means a lot to me, but I'd totally understand if it was bothering you because of copyright and author rights.
Thank you!

I'm perfectly okay with any tattoos you get done of my words, or of pictures from my books. I'm just glad I've said something that meant enough to you that you want to carry it around with you permanently. 

(A quick Google Image Search turned up many dozens of wonderful literary tattoos... here are quotes from Instructions, Sandman, The Dangerous Alphabet, Stardust and American Gods.)

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