Monday, September 03, 2012

Hugo is The Doctor's Wife

Yesterday I flew to Chicago,

I had my photo taken with the other nominees

I believe Dan Harmon (L) brought the Darkest Timeline instant goatees (well, vandykes)

I went to the Hugo Award ceremonies, brilliantly moderated by John Scalzi, a man who needs his own TV show...

...and collected the Hugo Award for my Doctor Who episode, THE DOCTOR'S WIFE.

(In this photo by David Dyer-Bennet I appear to have wandered in from a different, much more sinister, awards ceremony...)

I'm hoping that Chicon 7 will put the awards ceremony up online -- or even better, put the individual speeches up on YouTube. (They streamed them, but the stream was turned off by copyright 'bots just before I started speaking, so unless it goes up somewhere you'll never hear about what I thought of the Inspector Spacetime spin-off Community, or about the 1965 Doctor Who episode "Awards Ceremony of the Daleks".)

I went to the room parties (including the Hugo Losers Party. It's always a bit nerve-wracking going there, when you've actually won. I expect to be debagged or covered in custard or something.) The entire wonderful Scalzi family, mother-in-law Vera included, acted as my escort, help and bodyguard. This is about as cool as it gets.

I got four hours sleep. I flew back to Albany, while my Hugo was taken home without me in a TARDIS-blue car with the license plate IDRIS. Can anything be more appropriate?

Thank you to Idris-owner Steven Manfred, who has by now answered at least two thousand Doctor Who questions from me, and is always there when I come up with a new bunch of questions.

And it feels so strange to be writing that my episode of Doctor Who won a Hugo Award. I remember when I was predicting on this blog that The Girl in the Fireplace and Blink would win Hugos. And they did...

And I did mention during my awards speech that only a madman or a fool would tempt fate by doing it again, having won. And that I am now on my third draft...

PS: A reminder that I'm reading a brand spanking new story on Wednesday the 5th at 6pm at the Sosnoff Theatre at Bard College. Which is in the general neighbourhood of Poughkeepsie, NY. Please come and listen.

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