Saturday, September 29, 2012

A quick one, while the wife is away

Small and helpful blogpost that still isn't the one I mean to write.

I'll be in Conversation with Philip Pullman, talking about fairy tales and writing, on October the 29th at London's Cambridge Theatre. Details are at
and tickets are going ridiculously fast, which is why I thought I'd better nip on and mention it now.

I told one of my Unchained Tour stories  at Amanda Palmer's gig in San Diego. 

On Wednesday night, Amanda and her band will be in Minneapolis, at First Avenue,  and I'm going to tell a story there with her, and probably sign afterwards. This is the link to get tickets.

Over 20 years ago I saw and surprised Tori at First Avenue (and of course, The Flash Girls used to play there from time to time). It will be nice to go back...

(If you want to hear the new album, it's on her website on a Pay What You Want model at

Last night I read a chapter of THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE to the audience at George Mason's Fall For the Book festival. 15 hours before that I'd emailed the final draft of the book off to my publishers. It's now a real thing. 

And I better press Publish before this plane gets below 10,000 feet...

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