Wednesday, July 04, 2012

An Evening With in Edinburgh. Also, falling asleep.

My daughter Maddy and Amanda and I are visiting Amanda's parents on the Cape for July the 4th. There will, I am assured, be fireworks later.

I have been reading Amanda the new book (ie it may still be called Lettie Hempstock's Ocean) in bed for a while now, at a few pages a night. Normally I read it until she falls asleep. Last night I started falling asleep while reading - having microdreams between words or paragraphs - so I finished reading her chapter 14 this morning.

I'm enjoying it. I hope she is. I learn so much about the words, reading them aloud, and I spot places where what I meant to write and what I actually wrote were different.

Tickets are now onsale for the AN EVENING WITH NEIL GAIMAN AND AMANDA PALMER we're doing in Edinburgh on August 12th. It'll be the same sort of thing we did on the West Coast tour. She'll play piano and ukulele, I'll read poems and stories (but not long ones). We'll answer questions. Odd things will happen. We took the Queen's Hall for the evening, so it didn't have to fit into the Fringe rules of only being an hour long.

You can get tickets (and choose seats) here. Don't be put off by the way the page doesn't really have me in it. They didn't use the right artwork or text. They will.

(This is the only show we'll do together this year. Amanda's other gigs should all be with her band.)