Monday, July 09, 2012

Clarity in Stardust Editions and Amanda becomes canvas

Right. I've investigated a little further. There are, as I said in the last post, two editions of the upcoming hardback of Stardust. The regular one (there will be many thousands of copies of this edition printed, and I hope it will stay in print for a very long time) will have this beautiful two-colour Charles Vess illustration as the frontispiece:

The signed limited (that is to say, there will only be a limited number of them, and each of them will be signed by me on a limitation page) deluxe edition will have this beautiful full-colour Charles Vess illustration as its frontispiece:

There's also a beautiful Charles Vess chapter heading at the start of every chapter in each of the books.

I'm slightly nervous, as right now the deluxe signed limited super-expensive edition is outselling the regular gift edition on Amazon, and I'm wondering whether anyone's actually keeping track of how many orders for the limited are coming in, and stopping orders when it reaches as many as they are going to make. The plan as of this morning was that there will only be a thousand of the signed edition, but that might change, and I may grit my teeth, flex my pen, and sign more. I don't want people who have already ordered it to be disappointed.


The Guardian this morning previewed Amanda's new video.

A few weeks ago, in London, Amanda got an email from filmmaker Jim Batt, with the video he'd been making for her song Want It Back. We watched it with our friend (and host, for we were staying in her spare room) artist Judith Clute. When it finished, Judith and I made Amanda show it to us again, and then again. We laughed and gasped in the same places each time. I love stop motion, and I love imagination, and I love that it’s a rock video that’s fresh and imaginative. I was impressed too by the way Amanda uses herself as a canvas. I sent it to Henry Selick, who knows from Stop Motion, and he loved it, and wanted to know how Amanda had had the patience and stamina to stay there for three days as it was done - he had known a rock star who had nearly killed the animator who tried to make him into a stop motion video. Her reply to both of us, when I enquired, was "yoga + meditating + ego + extreme desire for an awesome video = patience".

Probably the years she spent as a human statue helped as well.

 I'll put the video up here. I'm putting it up because I think it's marvellous. Do not watch it if you are at work, or you have people around who will give you funny looks if naked bodies turn up on your screen. (Also, do not watch it if you're hoping for erotica. It's not that, either.)

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