Sunday, April 22, 2012

Slow Motion Bees...

I've been a very bad blogger recently. I promised myself that I would simply finish the thing I was working on and then blog again, but by the time I finished I had such a ridiculous backlog of things to post here that I've been putting it off...

So. I finished writing in Florida. I came home. I went to a wedding in Laguna Beach with Amanda, then to Dallas where Amanda was mixing her new album. We went to North Carolina to take Maddy to the college she's going to be attending (amazing. My little girl...) and I got home last night.

Lots of things to blog about... I'm thinking of putting the whole of the Stephen King interview I did for the Sunday Times up here on the blog, for a start.

Today, three packages of bees came in, to replace the three hives we lost this winter. (We were left with three - an Italian, a Russian, and a Carniolan hive.)

This is an amazing high speed film of me pouring bees into a hive this morning. It's 40 seconds long, and takes a few seconds of real time.

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