Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Amanda, and the Future of Music

This makes me so happy:

It's such a sweet, funny video.  Even if you have no interest in my wife or what she does, you should click on it and watch it.

Her Kickstarter went live at 7 this morning, and it's already 93% funded, mostly so far by people who are using it to pre-order the limited edition version of the CD. (Given the number of people who seem sad that they did not use Kickstarter to order an EVENING WITH NEIL GAIMAN AND AMANDA PALMER CD - which turned out, given the amount of money the Kickstarter raised, to be a 3CD set with a special, will-never-be-for-sale bonus extra CD as well -- I am not at all surprised that people are buying. I love the way that Kickstarter allows people both to be patrons of the arts and to directly support the creation and manufacture of the thing they want, cutting out the middlemen.)

And it's her birthday today too.

Last night I saw some students at Harvard perform an immersive dance piece inspired by The Graveyard Book, and it was one of the sweetest, most haunting, life affirming things I've attended, and a wonderful way into her birthday.

Today, we're taking a quiet day together. In a few minutes we'll wander out and get some juice and walk in the sunshine.

I'm writing a speech I will be delivering in Chicago next week, with the working title of "What the [very bad swearword] is a Children's Book anyway?" It's about, well, what Children's fiction is, something the book I'm writing right now has me thinking about all the time. It has a seven year old hero, and magic, and terror, but it doesn't feel like a kids' book, and the attitudes and content are profoundly adult.

Anyway. So much to catch up on here. I hope you enjoyed the Stephen King interview.

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