Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Picture of the Cat of Doom

It got cold. The air smells amazing, the mosquitoes have gone, the sky is a perfect blue and summer is over.

My friend Kyle Cassidy is out here for a few days to shoot photographs of Miss Maddy, and also shoot Lorraine's first ever Roller Derby Bout on Saturday with the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls. He and I went for a walk in the night and wore warm coats, and played Children of the Corn in the meadow, and you could smell the distant winter on the air.

Actually, I should clarify. The above things are what Kyle is officially here to shoot. Unofficially, he's here for the cats. This is his iphone picture of Princess looking like the Cat of Doom from a horror movie.


Tickets go on sale today, Friday the 16th, for the EVENING WITH NEIL AND AMANDA shows we're doing in November, for all the stops except San Francisco, which goes on sale on Sunday. Given the speed with which the tickets released for presale for Vancouver and San Francisco sold out today, you may want to get your orders in early - as near to ticket release time as you can. (10 am for everywhere except Portland, where it is 11 am because they like their mornings in Portland.)

October 31st

Wilshire Ebell Theatre
Tickets go on sale Friday, 9/16 at 10AM PDT.

(Costumes! It's Hallowe'en in Los Angeles. We'll suggest that people wear costumes.)

November 4th

Palace of Fine Arts
Tickets go on sale
Sunday 9/18 at 10AM PDT.

November 6th

Vogue Theatre
Tickets go on sale 9/16 at 10:00am.

November 8th

Aladdin Theatre
Tickets go on sale 9/16 at 11am PDT.

Moore Theatre

Tickets go on sale at 9/16 at 10 AM PDT


Let's see. My old friend and collaborator Dave McKean was made an honorary Doctor of Design in Wolverhampton. I do not think I have ever seen him look so uncomfortable as in these photos. Wish he'd kept the hat on, though.

Which is to say, congratulations Dave.

If you're in the UK, get to Foyles to see Dave's "Magic of Reality" exhibition the original art he made for the book he's just done with Richard Dawkins is on display.

I meant to link to the One Book One Chicago site. They had people make books, literally: reinvent and rebind the books that were One Book One Chicago choices over the years. Audrey Niffenegger was one of the judges. A Neverwhere won. Read all about it, and see many of the books at


Here's the World Book Night list of the Hundred Best Loved Books in the UK:

Books of mine got into the top hundred several times. Well, four and half times. (Good Omens being the half, shared with Terry Pratchett.) Which is really thrilling. The books, with links to each book, and the votes they got are at


Right. Sleep now. How on earth did it get this late?

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