Thursday, May 05, 2011

Weasel-necked pencils. Part I hope the last.

So, according to the City Pages Matt Dean has sort of apologised. Not in the way that grown-ups do, where you say you did something wrong and you know it.

He's apologised for calling me names, he says, because his mother made him. (He doesn't seem to have apologised for calling me a thief.) He also says that, as a rich person, I should also do some charity work, which sort of dropped my jaw.

At this point, I'm just glad his mother (of whom, I must say, I am now a fan) didn't bring him round to my house with a hand on his collar and make him apologise in front of my whole family, while clearing her throat and giving him meaningful glances the whole time.

And I think I will happily support any attempt to bring adult discourse and adult politicians who behave, naturally and sensibly, like adults to Minnesota. It is a good place and deserves better.

So there's a round-up of some of the articles so far, in one place. You are not expected to read them.

And as a final, final note: I was just interviewed by the Star Tribune, and the reporter told me he'd just spoken to Matt Dean," who," he said, "joked that he's now lost the votes of all the Star Trek fans." Mm.


(Also, I checked further. I got one thing wrong yesterday - the full fee was $45K; I took home $33.6 K after the agency commission, and donated rather more than that to the charities in question.)



In June I will be doing some talks and possibly also some signings for the new Harper Collins Tenth Anniversary reissue of AMERICAN GODS, with the author's preferred text. It's about 12,000 words longer than the original version.

The first of those events to be announced is that Lev Grossman will be interviewing me in front of an audience at the 92nd Street Y. You can get tickets at their website here.

In addition, I've donated Two VIP Tickets to CharityBuzz to help the RFK Centre for Justice and Human Rights. Whoever wins the auction gets a Meet and Greet before the event, and they will also get Stuff. I have no idea what the Stuff is going to be, but it will be Really Good Stuff, whatever it is. You can bid here.

I may be coming to your town on the American Gods tour. We'll have all the dates and locations within the next week or so.

(The June 24th stop will be in St Paul, where I will be the victim of WITS at the Fitzgerald Theatre.)

Right now I am listening my way through the 20 finalists for the American Gods audiobook competition -- you can listen yourself over at this link. Click on view Round 1 at the top. So far I'm really impressed, and this is not easy. I'm glad there are two other judges, and that it's not just up to me.

And the reason I haven't posted what the successor to Bleak House is going to be (some of you have asked) is I'm not there yet. While I did exercise while I was doing 8in8 and such with Amanda, it was things like going to hot yoga and working out with Leslie Salmon Jones, who is Amanda's trainer and the nearest thing to a superhero I have ever met in real life, none of it was the kind of exercise I could do while listening to Bleak House.

But I'm now half an hour away from the end of Bleak House, and tomorrow will have to decide on its successor. I'm also wearing, today, a pair of brand-new, unworn jeans I bought about 16 years ago, with the vague idea that one day I'd probably fit into a pair of size 30 jeans again, only I never did. And this morning I tried them on, and was happy to discover that I now do. So I am thinking that I need to write a nice letter to Hugh Dickson, who narrated the BBC version of Bleak House (I got it from Audible. Here is the link) and I should thank him for his part in getting me thinner and healthier.

Also, the amazing interest in the American Gods audiobook competition and my own rediscovery of love for audiobooks means that I have started hatching a plan for something secret and cool with Audible.


Here's today's PROBLEM WITH SAINTS fan video. This one contains Death (from Sandman) and zombie tourists, not to mention Saint Joan herself, and a photograph of the queen.


May 12th is National Doodle Day. It raises money to help fight neurofibromatosis. As for the last 3 years, I've doodled and the auction for my doodles and the others starts on the 12th. My two doodles are up at There's a Sandman one, and there's one that's, er, just a doodle...

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