Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adult Residents of the Continental 48 States! You Can Be In A Real Full Cast AudioBook!

I'm in Chicago for ONE BOOK ONE CHICAGO.

The conversation last night with Audrey Niffenegger was as much fun as I had hoped. Audrey is one of my favourite people, and we don't get to see each other very often, so even grabbing an hour to talk on a stage was golden. (We met on stage in Sydney, five years ago. I think we're next seeing each other on a stage in Edinburgh in August.)

(This is Audrey in the Library Green Room. It was very green.)

Some great photos of the event over at Valya's page -

People filled the hall, then the overflow room, then were turned away. (I'm sorry.)

This morning I spoke to some teens about Neverwhere. This evening at 7 I do a reading and a talk and a Q&A at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, University of Chicago, 5850 S. Woodlawn Avenue. No signing (I pre-signed 1100 books yesterday) but I hope a bit more of a chance to say hello to people than I had yesterday. It's a much bigger space than yesterday, seating over a thousand people, so the chances of you not seeing me if you come are slim.

Then up early tomorrow to New York to do the Columbia University talk with Paul Levitz. And to see my wife (insert happy author face here).

So the big news is...

(and this will make you sad if you are a) Under 21, b) Not a continental US resident, c) you have taken a vow of silence or d) you are getting married on May the 15th)

Harper Collins are doing a contest for someone to win a part in the Full Cast Audio of American Gods. Here's a sample of it.

All is explained over at

I did a video explaining the simple version of the rules. Basically, you upload an audio file audition. People vote. Harper Collins judge the 20 most popular auditions. The winner is flown to New York and records a part in the Full Cast Audio that's currently being recorded. No, I don't know which part -- we'll wind up tailoring that to the person who wins.

I'm really sorry if you're under 21, not in the continental US, under a vow of silence etc.

You never know, if this works, they could do an international one.

Or I could make a really cool announcement about something to do with Audiobooks that I can't talk about yet.

Anyway, if you are interested, make sure you read the Official Rules, which contains the thing you're meant to read and lots of other information.


I'm about five workouts or less away from the end of the audiobook of Bleak House (read by Hugh Dickson). Am now wondering what to listen to next. I want something big, chunky and unabridged. All suggestions gratefully received.

Right. Must run and read stuff.

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