Saturday, December 11, 2010

They are calling it Snowmageddon

And I'm loving it. Mostly because I seem to miss the worst of the weather here - I'm always stranded in some airport hotel unable to get home because they've closed Minneapolis airport.

And now I'm not in an airport hotel at all. I'm home. And it looks like this. Over 18 inches since midnight, and it's still snowing...

The dogs are more or less loving it. Well, half-loving it.

Which is to say, Lola bounces through the snow and enjoys it, and Cabal walks through the snow and doesn't really. Which puzzles Lola because can't he see that this is the best thing there ever was? And he won't even play-fight with her. So she bounces off and vanishes into snowdrifts, then pounces and bounces and bounds and explores, and he walks along like a respectable gentleman who can't wait to be home again, where it is warm, and tries to persuade her to settle down.

Still photographs of dogs do not give you the full effect.

Hang on. I will see what I have on my phone. It's a bit fuzzy, mostly because of snow on the lens but this may give you an idea...

Music is by the Puppini Sisters - - from their yummy new Christmas With the Puppini Sisters CD. (The YouTube link is if anyone can't see the embedded video.)

There. Bouncing Lola in the snow.

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