Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework.

Actually my homework is pretty much all that the dog* hasn't eaten. Shoelaces and shoes are her favourites. The blog was swallowed by a failed attempt to blog from my phone (I wrote a great long blog on the phone today on a blogging app while at the dentist's, and then tried to attach a picture, did it wrong and sent the blog off into the netherworld instead. Probably my own fault for talking about the second book in the American Gods sequence.)

But I'm still doing the giant American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition proofread and copy-edit. (It'll be out in June.)

I'm going to finish that before I reconstruct the blog entry. So, for your enjoyment and curiousity, I'm reposting the Prisoners of Gravity episode on Sandman from 1993...

If you've ever wondered what Charles Vess or Jill Thompson or Craig Russell or Karen Berger or Dave Mckean looked like 17 years ago (or longer -- Mark Askwith was collecting the interviews for a while), or what baby Neil was like, now's your chance.

PS: Oh, okay. That's not really baby Neil. I was probably 32.

is Baby Neil.

PPS: the CBLDF has a bunch of original artwork and suchlike up for auction on eBay. Great holiday gifts for other people, or yourself.

* Lola. Cabal does not eat anything he is not meant to. Sometimes he doesn't eat things he is actually meant to eat either.

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