Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drive-by blogging

Right now I'm flailing a bit. Trying to deal with the amount of email that came in while I was away, opening wonderful birthday presents and writing proper personal notes to all who sent them. Trying to work out who the Home Sushi Kit came from.

I've got a half-written blog post that I know I won't finish today, so I'm just doing a hasty hit-and-blog right now.

If you are wondering what was happening the exact moment I turned 50, midnight on November 9th, this was. In the Allways Lounge, in New Orleans. Photo by Kyle Cassidy, who was lurking somewhere nearby, and I only knew that when he sent me the photos...

More soon. Lots more.

And a link to something I love, and you may too:

Also look, Something Beginning With (AKA ABCs of Love) is back in print! Read all about it at

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