Sunday, September 05, 2010

Had we but world enough, and plums.

I'm off the edge of the world right now, and have unplugged from the Internet. I have no phone signal, and the kind of spotty, barely-there occasional internet connection that would have been amazing in, say, 1992, but right now is the equivalent of not having an internet at all. (You cannot watch a YouTube video, for example. Big emails take forever to come in, and these days all emails are big.)

There is a plum tree, however.

And there are sheep.

I am writing, except when I go for walks or cook. Eating sensibly and exercising and just grabbing some peace and quiet to work in. For the first couple of days I mostly slept, finally recovering from the combination of transatlantic jet-lag and late-night-Melbourne-video-conference.

Yesterday I assembled an office chair to sit and write in, and I am sitting in it now.

Tomorrow I plan to pick some plums. I miss my family and my dogs and the world, but I'm loving the recovering, and loving the silence. I'll rejoin the world at the end of the month in, I hope, enough time to see the filming of some of my Dr Who episode. Then back to the US for the Boston Library talk and Amanda in Cabaret* and the New Yorker event and the Ig Nobel prize night, and the world will start again. And probably the blog will too.

*Over half the Cabaret performances are now sold out, before the official opening night. If you want to go, you should book a ticket. Or there are VIP tickets for sold-out nights. Signed, someone who left it too late for one night he wanted to go and had to buy a VIP ticket to a sold-out night.

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