Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sire! I have News!

Well, I'm not quite at the point where I'm ready to start blogging again. But it's now in sight.

And this is a quick sort of temporary post, for those of you convinced you'll never see me again, to assure you that I'll be back.

The biggest news right now is that The Graveyard Book just won the Carnegie Medal, the leading UK award for childrens' fiction. (More background at

Here's the Video of the announcement and my speech. I was ridiculously happy (and I still am, although I am now, sitting and typing this at my kitchen table in the US 27 hours after I got up in a London hotel to do BBC Breakfast TV, very, very tired). The speech isn't too long, and I meant every word of it.

I did a lot of interviews.

(Small, quizzical note: when Terry Pratchett won the Carnegie Medal, newspapers went out of their way to pretend that his speech had been an attack on Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. I was puzzled why journalists kept asking me about what I thought of Vampire Romance as a genre, given that I hadn't said anything about Vampires or gothics in my speech, and wanted to talk about local authorities in the UK cutting back on funding to libraries, but I gave the same answer I'd given to Entertainment Weekly -- at length -- here over at,,20301186,00.html -- and watched it turn into things like

Lots of good articles, though:

Here's a portion of the BBC Breakfast Time show I did this morning:

And here's BBC Radio 4's FRONT ROW:


Other news I should have posted in the last few days:

You can now read Sandman on your iPhone or iPad, using the Comixology app:

(This is the digitally recoloured and corrected version from the Absolute Sandman editions.)

and even more important because it will be gone soon:

There's Only One More Day Left To Hear THE MUSEUM OF CURIOSITY episode with Sarah Millican, David Eagleman and me as guests, and to find out what I donated to the Museum. Click NOW. Do not put this one off. It's really fun.


(Enormous thanks to the Webgoblin for Cabal Fortnight. Poor Cabal is having some health issues right now, which Lorraine talks about at:
and it's hard. I'm sleeping downstairs with him now, because he's not up to managing the stairs.

And then there is a rescue puppy named Lola, who we got to keep him company, and who I've not yet written about here properly.)

And now I need some sleep.

This is me, a few seconds ago, needing sleep, with a Carnegie Medal, for those of you who wonder what such things look like. Good night.

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