Friday, June 18, 2010

I've begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I'm reminiscing this right now.

Welcome to the penultimate post in "Cabal Week". I'm your host, the web goblin. (You may wonder why I keep identifying myself. It's because I'm still getting comments on the LJ feed, on Facebook, and on formspring -- where I've had great fun answering your questions -- from people who seem to believe that [a] these introductions are written by Mr. G and [b] that the below reprinted posts are current. Thank you all for the advice on how to help Cabal and Fred get along, but that issue is ancient history now.)

A reader requested more pictures of Pearl and Lola:

Cabal and his friend, Pearl,
visit a disadvantaged youth
as part of their volunteer efforts in animal therapy.
The young man later removed his oversized fencing mask
for the first time in the years since his parents were viciously murdered
by ribbon-twirling Olympic gymnasts.

Cabal and new addition, Lola, go for a wade and a swim, respectively.

reprinted from Sorry. And a short fillum. (10 May 2007)

I took Cabal to Dog Obedience school yesterday evening (at which he cheerfully disgraced himself in a variety of different ways). But it meant that I was armed with the tools to cope when, a little later in the evening, something like this started happening again...

reprinted from Why I Like Russia (11 August 2007)

Cabal the dog is braver than lions. He's braver than elephants and braver than generals. But, I discovered last night, he doesn't like thunderstorms, and turns into a worried two-year old child when the lightning strikes and the thunder roars. Which is why I got very little sleep in the small hours of last night.

reprinted from I just don't see it... (16 September 2007)

Mr and Mrs Wm. Stiteler -- AKA the Birdchick and Non-Birding Bill -- are currently in residence at my place in the US for the weekend, where Bill is trying to figure out why the upstairs Slingbox isn't slinging, and Sharon is checking the bees for mites (I think she may have to coat some 300 bees in powdered sugar, but don't quote me on this). Both of them are providing company to Cabal the dog. You would think that would be enough for them to do.

But nay. Far from it.

Someone wrote to Sharon's blog to say that my dog looked like me.

So Sharon and Bill decided to put it to the test. They just emailed me the results...

Nope. See? Nothing like me at all...

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